How To Use Technology To Make Construction Sites Safer

In most workplaces, especially in the construction industry, accidents are quite common, and could even be life-threatening. That’s one of the reasons why being part of the construction industry is considered to be a dangerous profession. Fortunately, with the help of IoT technology, it has become possible to keep the job site safe and here’s how:

The Implementation of Futuristic Technology

Most people believe that the latest construction technologies being offered in the market may seem too reasonable to be true. However, what they fail to realize is that most of these are already very accessible for construction firms now, and they are easy to implement within the job site.

The Evolution of Construction Machinery and Equipment

The equipment on the job site keeps on evolving, and we can say that the safety features of most have dramatically improved in a sense that it has been keeping the workers away from home. For example, there is construction equipment capable of providing the operator relevant information regarding what’s happening on the job site.

Furthermore, technology is also improving job site communication among workers to avoid life-threatening situations and accidents.

Safety experts also claim that the crane and rigging industry are very accident prone– many of these accidents are the result of getting on and off the crane. Likewise, with tower cranes, the positioning makes it challenging to get in and out of the machinery. Fortunately, IoT technology has improved this equipment, making them safer to use.

Establishment of Proper Worksite Procedures

Another remarkable way on how safety is improved in the construction industry is through the implementation of proper work site procedures while educating the construction workers regarding the processes involved. Unlike before, there’s no denying that the industry has more protection now. For example, IoT technology gives the operators all the essential data that wasn’t available in the past– this assists the workers in carrying out the tasks safely. This holds true with wind-speed devices and alarm systems as well.

Wearable Technology Has Been Creating a Buzz

Wearable technology, as smart hats, and safety vests have been creating a buzz in the construction industry lately. No doubt about that as it encourages the safety of those who are tasked to carry out dangerous tasks. Furthermore, wearable technology also brings mobile technology to the next level and includes everything from smartwatches to eyewear.

There are even tech-loaded hard hats that have cameras and sensors capable of monitoring what is happening in the construction site in real time while being able to protect the construction worker physically. The information recorded by these wearables can be transmitted to the rest of the team, resulting in overall efficiency.

Drones and Robots Are Making Waves

Construction workers are always in danger, every time they have to work in high places. Fortunately, drones can take this kind of job instead. Although there are still some restrictions when it comes to the use of drones, the construction site is benefiting from what it has to offer. Robots can also be utilized to perform manual labor that’s often time-consuming– this includes laying bricks and underwater welding.

With the help of these technological advances, the risks of the workers getting injured have dramatically gone down.

Efficient Communication

Timely communication is another way on how technology has made the construction industry safer. Gone are the days when the workers and project managers have to rely on walkie-talkies and mobile phones. Now, there are a lot of communication systems that have dramatically improved record keeping, as well as communication all through the job site.

This can be observed with the wearable technologies being used in the construction site– they have the ability to send alerts whenever a person wearing it got involved in an accident or injured.

Sharing Collected Data

Although this may seem trivial, believe it or not, sharing collected data could save thousands of lives. This is one of the main reasons why contractors are beginning to embrace big data. Through this, it has become possible for them to gather reports and give feedback regarding the current situation on the work site. This allows the project managers to take the necessary measures to keep the job site safe.

IoT Technology has been changing the construction industry for the better in the past few years, and we can expect more from it a few years from now.

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