Know all about CodeIgniter Framework in Detail

CodeIgniter is web and mobile application development framework in PHP language. It helps in the building of simple and dynamic web app in PHP. It is a light in weight and open source structure. It helps the developers to develop projects in the shortest possible time rather than going for frameworks where you have to work from the scratch because of its light weight. It features a number of in-built and readymade libraries and templates for the commonly used general jobs. It lowers the number of code used and thus users can innovatively focus more on the project. As not everyone has the knowledge to write code, it gets very simple when you choose CodeIgniter as your framework. It is quite popular and is promptly used web software development company for web application development.

CodeIgniter is based on the renowned MVC (Model- View- Controller) architect support. In this framework, model classes aren’t sturdy and view and controllers classes are necessary development part. In CodeIgniter model showcases data which involves database info which includes insertion, fetching and data logic. View is about getting info of the web page which your client can access. Controller is the class file name which is connected with URL and load by this framework after the implementation.

The pros and cons of CodeIgniter suggested by codeigniter web development company are given below:


  1. CodeIgniter is very light in weight and the extensive structure runs hefty codes in a fraction of second.
  2. It is very simple to learn, use and understand. You can easily arrange and implement it.
  3. It CodeIgniter, you have hassle-free data migration and allows convenient transfer from one server hosting to another.
  4. You can easily customize your project in CodeIgniter. You can integrate new functionality and customize your project according to your requirement
  5. It works on MVC system and offers simple, easy and flexible management.
  6. It offers dynamic implementation of records which is simple to remember.
  7. It has ready-made huge collection inter-related libraries.
  8. It has a user guide with amazing documentation which makes it a simple to use the framework.
  9. It permits users to develop libraries for the system as they have their own predefined scripts.
  10. It has a huge community which is available round the clock to answer all your queries and questions. There are forums, tutorials to learn from.


  • As it is written in PHP, it may not be helpful if you are developing apps in other language.
  • It is not object oriented at some points.
  • It doesn’t have an in-built ORM so you may need to install from other vendors.

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