Lol boost – Comprehensive details about coach’s profile

Have you been checking for the perfect coach to help you rank higher in LOL game? If you’ve been frustrated to find one, in this article you’ll learn the things you should check when looking for a coach. It’s your guideline so you won’t spend too much money on something that does not worth to pay for.

The first thing that you need to know when choosing a coach is to check the coach’s profile. It must be a comprehensive profile because it provides you enough information to decide if you’ll hire the coach to help you to improve your game.

Here are the things that you can see in coach’s profile:

  • Name of coach
  • Roles
  • Languages
  • Average rating
  • Last seen
  • Last week
  • Total coaching hours
  • Introduction
  • Fun Fact
  • Coaching packs
  • Contact details
  • Lessons
  • How does it work?
  • Reviews

The information stated above provides you the information you need in choosing a coach. Now here are the explanation for each.

Profile basic

It’s common in the list that you can see the name of the coach and the roles played. However, you can also see the languages used so you have an idea if you’ll hire it or not. If you have a problem listening to a British accent, you can opt with a coach with an American accent.

You can also see the average rating so you’ll have an idea if the coach is an excellent coach. You can also see how active the coach is by checking the time spent in coaching.

Basic introduction

The coach’s profile also includes the basic introduction. It’s a warm welcome to you as a prospective client. In this portion, you’ll read LOL related accomplishments of the coach. You’ll see the competition that the coach participated.

In this portion, you’ll also see the other activities of the coach when not playing lol boost. You’ll be able to see if the coach plays other popular online games.

Coaching packages

The profile informs you about the coaching packages offered by the coach. Each coach has a different package so you can hire them depending on your budget. Some coach gives you a discount or free hours that come with the package. If you have a referral, you can also get free hours.

You can also get the contact details so you can ask everything about the package.


The coach provides you the lessons you will learn when playing the game. These are the answers to frequently asked questions. The coach will lead you to win the games.

It also comes with “how does it work” information so you’ll have an idea how the coaching service works.


Review is your basis for the average rating indicated in the profile. It’s the testimonials of previous clients who had the coaching service. You’ll see positive comments about the coaching service. It serves as your guide if you’ll choose the coach. These are comments of real people so you’re guaranteed of true information.