Major Process Decisions

When it comes to the success of your company, there are some major process decisions thata company like online reputation management has to take into consideration. The major process decisions in operations management are crucial to the functioning of both a manufacturing company and a service company. Customer involvement, process structure, resource flexibility and capital intensity are all of the major process decisions a company must figure out.Image result for online reputation management

When it comes to customer involvement, this is a scale and you have high customer involvement or low customer involvement. They measure customer involvement with five factors, which include the physical presence, whether the worker is present, or absent. They measure what is processed, so is it possessions or is it the people buying the service. They measure the contact intensity and whether it is passive or active. Personal attention is measured and this can be based on personal or impersonal service. The mode of delivery can be immediate or delayed and textual. The second major process decision is the process structure and this include four different processes such as project, batch, line and continuous flow. The project structure is highly customizable, and it takes more time. When it comes to the batch process, the customization is high where as the volumes are low and it is a flexible process and they produce variety. When it comes to a line process, this is an assembly line, therefore everything is produced in high volumes and there is linear movement as well as mass production. The last process is continuous flow and this involves extremely high volumes, capital intensive and the machine is on all the time. Resource flexibility is the third major process decision and this include employee flexibility which is when one employee is able to do more than one task. The advantage of this is that the employees are versatile and have greater skills but the disadvantage to this is that the wages per employee are much higher. There is also equipment flexibility, which involves a lower acquisition cost. The last major process decision is capital intensity, and this includes in the human resource department, the equipment and the cost of all of these combined.