Most Common Applications for Miniature XY Table

High throughput is hard to achieve today but thanks to the latest advancement in technology, industrial laser processing, optical inspection tasks, microscopy and measuring technology, every industry got the most needed positioning systems that provide the necessary stability, accuracy, and precision.

With a wide range of miniature XY tables and XY stepper motor tables available, these tables also come in customized versions which makes them highly applicable across a wide variety of industries.

XY tables with stepper motors

A highly precise XY stepper motor table is a suitable drive for a wide variety of different requirements. They can be a driving force behind new XY tables or quite suitable for various positioning tasks where precision and accuracy matter the most. They are mostly used to provide smooth running at high and low velocities since these motors ensure no vibration as well.

A table with an XY stepper motor works well at high velocities as it provides unmatched stability and precision but it’s also excellent for generating high torque at low velocities. Therefore, a miniature XY table with a stepper motor is just perfect for applications where extreme smoothness at high forces is needed.

The difference between an XY Cartesian System and a miniature XY table

Even though XY tables have some obvious similarities with XY Cartesian systems, they are different. The common thing for both is having two axes, X and Y. The main difference though is in the position of the load. A Cartesian system cantilevers the load but a miniature XY table position the load on the Y axis to avoid creating a notable moment on the axis.

Every XY table has its own footprint but the load is always positioned on the Y-axis and it never extends beyond that. It’s because of that that XY tables are best suited for those applications that require the highest levels of precision. Usually, that means a load that needs to be placed between two axes or in the horizontal plane is best positioned by using a miniature XY table.

The best example of how this works is by taking a semiconductor wafer. When this wafer needs to be positioned for a machining operation or inspection, it needs to be positioned accordingly. Usually, it’s the insertion processes or back-lit inspection applications that require such positioning, or any other applications where an object or light needs to pass through the center of the table.

The primary use

Most miniature XY tables were built with the same level of quality that you’d expect them to be which makes them highly portable and convenient for a wide range of high precision applications. Also, XY tables have crossed roller slides and these are excellent whenever flatness and extreme smoothness are required. Since a miniature XY table is lightweight, they are perfect at providing effortless, all-direction gliding. Such tables are mostly used for all sorts of robotic movements.

They are also called custom positioning tables and it’s quite possible to create your own by putting together slides with adapters and plates. There are scanning, indexing, tilt, and pan, micrometer, elevating, rotary and X-Y or -Z positioning tables. They are also available as complete motorized systems or manually-operated, it all depends on the particular application or industry.

Mini XY tables are also excellent for making your reading experience the most enjoyable and comfortable ever. Since they are transportable, lightweight and small, they fit excellently with a wide range of products such as computer tables and so on.

You can glide your XY table from front to back and side to side in order to position your reading material in the best suitable position. If you’re using any item from the line of products from the Acrobat, a miniature XY table compliments the LCD rolling cases perfectly which is why most computer users buy these tables.

Most high-tech industries use miniature XY tables to drive the essential progress and advancement in research as these high precision positioning tables are crucial for getting the most precise and accurate research results.

With the latest innovations in the modern technology, the most advanced, top-class quality XY tables allow for micro and nanopositioning which makes them simply perfect for an extremely wide range of industrial, scientific, medical and other applications.

With the choice of integration, drives, and piezo-upgrades, a miniature XY table offers the advantages that other similar high precision systems simply can’t provide. That’s the exact reason why these tables are so widely accepted and embraced across every industry in the world.