One of the Most Reliable and Robust Serves To Work On

The PowerEdge R640 is known to be a powerful 1U rack server. It is known to be designed for storage and computing purpose through the presence of the 2 socket platform. The good part about this server is that it is cost effective at the same time high in performance level. Also its overall density goes a long way.

The influential Dell PowerEdge R640 has been specifically manufactured so that it can seamlessly handle all kinds of workloads from a wide array of data center use cases. The R640 is also known for taking the best care of software-defined storage. It is known to be a swift service provider, and provides a very dense private cloud has application tire. Not to forget it has the quality of High Performance Computing (HPC) and virtualization. It also provides you with 24 DIMM when there is 3TB of RAM. It can again go to the mark of 12 NVDIMM when there is 192GB of RAM.

To add to this, Dell has manufactured the PowerEdge R640 as a server that can get easily deployable in nature. Unbelievable along with all of this, it can also scale from 3 to 1000+ nodes for storage systems that are properly defined. All of this is done efficiently through the use of the Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes.

This power packed server also comes with a wide number of robust elements too. When it comes to understanding its expansion qualities, there is tons of it. This means if you want you can go ahead and equip it along with two processors of the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family. It will work systematically even when there are 28 cores per processor. It also provides you with both AC as well as DC power units. When it comes to working with the PCI generation-3 expansion cards; the R640 works without any issues.