Signs Your Site is Ready for Conversion Optimization

Most businesses today are alive because they have a practical website that is highly optimized. Excellent digital marketing, however, requires you to go beyond making a website visible on Google and attracting high traffic. There is a crucial concept known as conversion that convinces the potential customer to buy. If possible, the business should turn every potential customer who visits the site into a buyer.

Thus, conversion optimization is critical to making more sales in a business. When it goes low, the investor has a reason to be worried. Starters in business should hire the services of experts to reduce the involved risks. Likewise, experienced businesses should take conversion optimization strategies seriously to improve their current returns.

Understanding More About Conversion Optimization

It is also known as conversation rate optimization by many business experts and digital marketers. This is the rate at which visitors of a website are converted into buyers of products and services. The strategy may sound simple, but numerous factors come into play.

If you already have a website for your business, whether small or big, there are signs that you need to observe to know whether the website is ready for this process or not. With detailed guidelines like the ones we are going to provide below, I believe that you will be in a position to take the appropriate action.

  • The most popular signs are as follows:
  • The Site is Already Enjoying Enough Traffic
  • The mind-boggling question as far as the amount of traffic is concerned is how much is enough. Some reports can be misleading on this issue by providing detailed analysis to measure the appropriate traffic, which can lead to a more subjective conclusion.

Instead, there are simple ways to determine whether the website is already getting enough traffic or not. In the same ways, a researcher cannot make a conclusion after only two scenarios, it may take some time to note the improvement of the traffic and where the number has stagnated. You probably do not need to wait any longer since all efforts to bring the traffic higher have given their optimum potential.

A wise entrepreneur focuses on bringing more visitors onboard using the best strategies possible. This method is better than sitting back and counting the number of people who have already visited. If you feel that you have enough, then it is time to start conversion optimization.

Clear and Testable CTA

Just to let you know, CTA stands for ”call to action” and it is a concept that guides marketers on when to implement a certain strategy. In the conversion optimization strategy, measuring the CTA makes all the difference. The danger of not doing the right thing at this stage is increasing the bounce rate, which is very unfortunate.

The clearer the CTA, the better for the person who wants to conduct the conversion optimization. Furthermore, it acts as a guideline on how to test whether the efforts are yielding results or not. But the best CTA does not come easily. People must know how to promote it for the benefit of the company.

The Site is SEO Enhanced

Before thinking of conversion rate optimization, you need to have a qualified SEO expert look at the site, assess it, and come up with a strategy to enhance it. The SEO Analytics experts have all it takes to work on your website and bring it to another level. As a matter of fact, it is a rule of thumb to SEO before you CRO.

According to experts, it is easier to work with users who have been attracted to the website for a reason than those who landed there accidentally. This means that the traffic which has been brought to a website through SEO are the best and easiest to convert.

While focusing on SEO, there are some common things to consider, and they are a follows:

  • Page load time should be super-fast.
  • The content should be appealing to keep traffic glued to your website.
  • The content should be rich with appropriate keywords.
  • Structure the URL using relevant keywords, but do not overdo it.
  • Use images that have an alt text and make sure they load as fast as possible.

With all these things set, you can rest assured that your website is ready for CRO. The best part is that the two go hand in hand. Therefore, it is a continuous integrated process that gives the best results when coordinated well.

Mobile Traffic is Already Enhanced

Another sign to know that your website is ready for CRO is when mobile traffic is enhanced and has been proven to work well. Today, the world is moving to the use of smartphones more than PCs. People move around with their mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, they can easily reach them and get to the web to do some online research.

It is possible that more people are trying to log into your website using mobile phones than a desktop in a day. So, what happens when one does not enhance the site for mobile access? All the potential traffic will go to waste.

The bottom line is that your website is only ready for CRO when it is mobile-friendly. So, to achieve this, you need to optimize a couple of things.

  • The website fits well on a screen as opposed to the PC version, which is harder to use on a mobile device.
  • The text is readable at default settings without the user straining or trying to zoom in.
  • The media fits well on the screen.
  • It is easy to scroll down the website and find the information that the users are looking for.

All of these things can only be set up in collaboration with SEO experts and professional web designers who have enough experience to give you the best. Most research shows that good preparation for mobile-friendliness increases the chances of succeeding in the CRO efforts.

Google Analytics are Configured Well

Another sensitive factor to consider is Google analytics. Experts claim that this is the data collection paragon that is non-negotiate for any website. In overall, this is the main idea behind the success in everything that you do to make your website a better marketing tool. All digital marketers must work with the data they gather through GA to perform enhancements like SEO and CRO.

GA primarily assists in monitoring the web traffic that is coming to your site and the activities they are doing like how long they stayed and the parts of the website they visited more. For now, this can only be good for you. But there is more that you need to do with GA since not all functions are configured automatically.

The e-commerce option, for example, is usually not configured automatically unless you trigger it. You need to find the option through the conversions tab and do the setting to get the data if you have a website that you are using to sell products. If this is not the case, then you already have a hitch in your efforts.

Another challenge when dealing with GA is the use of goal functions. If you look closely, it will tell you that this function is not yet set. For a person who is not familiar with GA, they may miss a lot of functionalities. Fortunately, all of the experts in SEO and CRO will help you change the needed settings to achieve these goals. But how does one know that the GA are set in preparation for the CRO?

You can trust a professional with a good reputation and experience to enhance it fully. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most significant stages where all the data will be gathered to make the final decision. That is why it is the last stage of knowing whether all of the other stages are functioning properly.

The Business is in the Appropriate Sales Cycle

Apart from checking different factors that are directly related to the functionalities of a website like traffic, SEO and GA, you also have to look at the overall business and make sure it is at the right sales cycle. For novice entrepreneurs, this may be a difficult term, but allow me to explain. All businesses are bound to face some ups and downs in sales. Some are as a result of macroeconomics while others are affected by internal factors.

Different sales cycles need varying approaches, and you must know which one is appropriate before taking any CRO actions. A higher sales cycle means that you already have numerous potential buyers at your disposal. This is the time to execute the best CRO tactics that target potential buyers to further increase the chances of buying. It is also at this time that your CRO should target the creation of loyal customers. This means that you should not rest until you get as many new customers as possible.

When sales are low, it means that not much traffic is visiting the website. Therefore, the main focus should be to attract new traffic, probably through other strategies, before you employ the use of CRO. However, this does not mean that SEO enhancement or any other strategy you use cannot be integrated with the best CRO strategies for maximum results.


Though we have discussed all these strategies and now you feel ready for the campaigns to start, it may not yet be the time. If there is a need to look for more signs, do not hesitate. When the website starts the CRO with all factors put into place, the owner can now rest assured of getting positive results.

It is a fact that there are numerous websites out there that are not yet ready for CRO. Ensure that yours is ready.