Smart Options for Making the Video Ads

What, your site does not have yet a video to present the products or services of your company! Unless you prefer to stay in the Stone Age, here’s how you can create an animated video and step back into the multimedia age without paying a kopeck and without knowing anything about special effects. The video ad maker really comes up with a lot of support there.

1) Choose your tool online

Software is the nerve of war. Forget after Effects, the must use by all motion designers, whose mastery requires approximately 342 full-time years. There are many free and intuitive online tools that even your great-grandmother could produce a short presentation film.

Beware, however: the free has limits, starting with advertising in your video as a logo program in the background. There is the advertising that you can withdraw by extending a few dollars. Another disadvantage of good deals to the eye: the features and image banks are limited.

Be careful: some platforms have changed their definition of free. In other words, if they let you create your video for free, they ask you to check out if you want to download it!

2) Write your scenario

It is better to know your tool in detail before you start writing the script. For the simple reason that some programs do not have the resources (illustrations, characters, sets, etc.) needed to translate your ideas.

Let’s say you want to show the benefits of your help desk: not all of the tools above do not necessarily include troubleshoot or car accident illustrations, for example. In such a case, only your creativity can get around the limits of the programs and allow you to say things differently.

After all, our alphabet counts only 26 letters, but writers manage to lay novels per kilometer!

That said, nothing prevents you from starting with your script and then find the most suitable software.

3) Design your script sheet

  • To assist you in writing the perfect script, divide your worksheet (or Word document, we are in the 21st century) into eight columns.
  • The first for the numbering of the scene.
  • The second for the description of the scene (for example: a young man knocks on the door smiling).
  • The third for the text of the voiceover.

The fourth for the affects you want to add to the scene (camera zoom, sudden appearance of an object, etc.).

  • The fifth for the text that appears on the screen.
  • The sixth for the duration of the scene.
  • The seventh, for remarks to the attention of the voice over or other stakeholders
  • The last, finally, to name the sound effects.

4) Create your animation

This is the most tedious and longest part. Do not think that an animation video is made in minutes, or in a few hours, even with user-friendly tools. For duration of 90 seconds, several days of work are often necessary, including one to two good days just for the creation of the animation. In reality, the time spent on the project as a whole will depend on several factors: your mastery of tools (animation and editing), your creativity and your degree of perfectionism.