The best and latest chartbusters club songs

Every song has their different effect, and same goes for clubs and parties songs. These kinds of songs have a different kind effect on your body. It helps in evoking energetic vibes in your body that keeps you active and positive everyday. However it may be differ from another point of view. So, as you may aware with the popularity of clubs and night outs. The main thing that attracts lots of the people is the music that played in these clubs. Why? Answer is simple, because its help you in forgetting your hectic , boring , hassle filled life for few hours and replaced it with crazy, full of energy and  feeling of having better life. So, here is a list of top club songs that are mostly played in the clubs and pubs

List of best songs that played mostly in clubs

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  • All about tonight –

It’s a song sung by Pixie Lott, an English singer and writer. This song is recorded for her second album young foolish happy. It is also used in a radio show the Chris moyles show that was on aired on 11th July, 2012. All about tonight is written by Tebey ottoh, Tommy lee and Lott. This album was produced by the Kidd. After the released, this song hit the top singles chart and numbered as one, not only that it is also nominated for awards like British singles Britt awards 2012. Lott received positive response from the audience as well as from critics. It’s become an most popular song in Lott‘s singing carrier.

  • I want you to know

This song is nominated for the best dance song and won at the end. It’s an electro pop song featured in a voice of female American singer salena Gomez and Russian DJJ zed for their second studio album true colors. This album was released on 23rd February, 2015. Surprisingly, it got massive positive response even after despite of lack promotions. Also it becomes one of the most played in list of club songs   

  • Summertime sadness

Born to die is a second studio album for that Lana dey key has recorded her voice for this song. It’s a one of those songs which breaks the records and makes its entry in hot dance clubs songs list. On June 22, 2012 interscope records released this song on digital downloaded websites.  Summertime sadness is also joined for Gimmy awards, nominated as best songs in remix version.