The Best Ethereum & Bitcoin Wallets of 2019


It does not matter whether you have experience in purchasing, selling, trading or accepting Cryptocurrency or have experience in taking part in the growing financial market; you need a wallet. The market also keeps growing.

The following is a handy guide for customers whose wish is to use a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Wallet or buy it.

What is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

You can store the initial Cryptocurrency on an electronic device in a Bitcoin hardware wallet that your pocket can accommodate. They provide the cold storage option that is appropriate for long-term storage.

This type of wallet only stores Bitcoin. There is a range of hardware wallets available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. They do not have a direct link to the Internet but can be formed as a portable USB drive or hard drive.

Describing a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet

The term Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency wallet present two forms of financial wallets. Usually, there are two types, cold and hot and they consist of other varied categories. There is desktop, cloud, mobile, USB, hardware and paper wallets. So, you can choose a wallet that uses the technology you like and the one you find the easiest to use.

You can also utilize different types of wallets for moving cryptocurrencies to them and from them. Many of these wallets enable the storing of Bitcoin and others have a wide variety of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and other famous altcoins. These devices store the personal keys that keep your Cryptocurrency safe and make it possible for you to access your Cryptocurrency or spend it. 

The Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallets

Every cold wallet requires an investment except a paper one. The cost of the best Bitcoin hardware devices ranges between about $75 and $250. Different sizes, features, and shapes are available also. Hot wallets present many features and security.

Description of Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet

Hot wallets and a cold storage Bitcoin wallet differ. The reason is that a cold storage Bitcoin wallet provides the most secure method of storage, as it does not have a permanent connection to the Internet. However, you can access your cash without any delay. This type of currency is the only one stored by Bitcoin. A hot wallet is different because it consists of an exchange with an account or software, which provides a consistent connection to the Internet.

They are formulated for daily transactions and are more susceptible to hackers since they store information online. They permit or provide storage of the following:

  • Personal keys and supplementary key controls
  • Your own keys and extra key controls
  • An interface that you can use easily
  • A new development community
  • A machine for creating repair backups and capabilities
  • Compatible with most operating mechanisms

The key is to have one cold wallet and one hot wallet. With this, you can hold most of your Cryptocurrency investment in the best Bitcoin wallet you can get online. It enhances its security. A desktop wallet or a Web does not offer the same safety.  

Therefore, even it is wise for you to use a software wallet like Exodus, which consists of about 100 cryptocurrencies for buying; you can use it in the same way as a checking account. Store many of your Cryptocurrency holdings in a cold wallet like you would an investment or savings account. 

All you need to do is store a minimum quantity into hot wallet, as you need it for purchases like a checking account.