The best kind of search engine marketing – SEO or PPC

The SEO is a part of the search engine marketing and so is the Pay per click. The only difference is that the SEO is free of cost while the PPC is not. But there are beneficial factors to both of them.

What does the term SEO means?

The process by which that affects the online visibility of a web page or a web site in an unpaid result of a web search engine is known as the search engine optimization which is abbreviated as SEO. This unpaid result often referred to as natural, organic or even earned results. In case when a search engine is ran a search result list appears, the websites that comes earlier or more frequently in that search result list will have more visitors and these visitors can be turned into customers. Various kinds of search like that of the image search, video search, academic search, news search and also industry specific vertical search engines are targeted by SEO. The local search engine differs from that of the SEO as the former focuses more on the optimization of the online presence of the business. But the Local SEO marketing is also effective. This is done so that the web pages of the online presence of the business will be showcased by the search engines when a user enters a local search for the services or the products.

SEO is an Internet strategy that considers the way how the search engine works. It also considers the algorithms that are computer programmed that dictate the behavior of the search engines and also the search content of people.

Local SEO marketing

The term and also the meaning of local SEO are very different from that of general SEO campaign. Local SEO is very tough and it is also very hard to understand.

Some effective local SEO tips that can be beneficial are:-

  • To successfully operate a local SEO one should always do the research of keywords.
  • Building of local citations is also needed.
  • One should also build local editorial links for local SEO.
  • Social Media signals should also be produced.
  • Obtaining of reviews should also be done.
  • You should also measure your traffic.

What does the term pic means?

The term pic stands for pay per click. This a process in which the advertisers pay a fee every time one of the ads posted by them is clicked. This is a model of Internet marketing and it is very beneficial. One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising as it gives the advertisers the opportunity to bid for placement of their ads in a sponsored link of the search engine. This happens when a person is searching a keyword that is related to their business offerings. Once the ad is clicked they have to pay the search engine a small fee and it also sends a visitor to their website on clicking the ad.


The traffic that is generated from PPC is not free since it is pay per click while the traffic that is generated from SEO is free as it is organic. This is the main difference between SEO and PPC.