The importance of plugs and sockets in your home

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We are having technological advances from time to time. We have reached a point in our lives there we can consider electricity as a necessity such as water or air. Electricity has become a part of our lives. We are so much comfortable with its presence that we do not even notice small details of it in our lives.

A household is filled with electrical devices, products, materials, settings. From televisions to conditioners and to the electrical bulbs, electricity is everywhere. There is not a human on this planet Earth who is unaware of the technological advances in the field of electricity. We are making new inventions for our comfort and the sockets and plugs are one of them.

The plugs

  • The sockets and plugs can be used for different purposes in the household as well as industrial sectors.
  • Electrical plug comes in different types which include plug socket [เต้าเสียบ เต้ารับ, which are the term in Thai] or 2 plug socket.
  • The electrical plugs help in transmitting the power from the power outlet to the electrical device.
  • It acts as a transmitter between the power electrical grids of the outlet which supplies the electrical current.
  • The electric current passes through it to the device which needs the power, for example charging your mobile phone.

The sockets

  • Electrical socket is also known as power outlet or electricity outlet.
  • It is what the electric plug uses to transmit the electricity to the devices.
  • The electrical socket is the one which allows you to plug in the electrical devices into the outlet in order to connect them to the electrical grid which is the power source of electricity.
  • It is from which the power to run the device comes from.

Both of the electrical plug as well as the sockets are an important part of running the electrical devices. You don’t even realize that without these electrical settings, electrical devices will be of no use. So it is important for us to keep these electrical settings in check and replace them whenever it is needed.