The Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to SEO and Why You Need It NOW

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the phrases you’ve probably been hearing from your techie friends but never really got to know what it actually is.

To be perfectly honest, it’s alright not to be in the know about this. But if you’re a business owner who wants to make the most out of your website, SEO is something which you need to be paying attention to. So for all those who still have no idea what this is, here’s the lowdown…

SEO in the Simplest Terms

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing tool used to boost your ranking on search engines such as Google, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Imagine this: when you need to look for the ‘best detergent’ on the internet, you type that exact phrase in the search box. Google, having cataloged practically everything about detergents, will give you a list. You, the user, will naturally click on the first item listed on the first page. And chances are, you will order that detergent brand you found on the site your first click directed you to.

Believe it or not, 90% of all internet users click on the first item listed on the first page of the search engine. And this is precisely why it is one of the most effective marketing tools today.

The Two Basic Elements of SEO

SEO is composed of various elements for it to work. Some Phoenix SEO specialists make use of just a few while others gather all those together to pack a hefty punch online. But the two fundamental things which SEO needs are keywords and links.

  • Keywords

These are relevant words and phrases that are used in titles, addresses, and headings. But don’t fill your content with keywords. Search engines don’t fall for that. Remember, they admire quality over quantity so see to it you have good content.

  • Links

When your website is linked to several related websites and web pages, it gives your business credibility online. But just like keyword usages, quality is way better than quantity.


While all that sounds simple, getting a particular site (your business’, for example) on top the search engine through optimization is nowhere as simple. A marketing tool this valuable can only be worked on by someone who knows the technical and convoluted workings of the world wide web. So no, there is no way that you can deal with this on your own.

Luckily, there are numerous Phoenix SEO experts you can consult or, better yet, hire. As long as you give them all the pertinent information about the website you have (or you want to be built), they will be able to create a high quality content for you and figure out the best process so you can reach #1 on the listing – or be on the first page of the search, at least.