The Ultimate Roadmap for Developing Websites


Perhaps the first thing every business looks forward to is to build a website to mark their official digital presence. It may take days and weeks and months to develop one that fulfills all the requirements, has a solid functionality and acts as just the platform that can further your business.

While it may seem like something easy, given the ease of accessibility via various platforms providing layouts and very little coding, there’s still something about them that gives us all pounding headaches. To start with, there’s a lot of planning that is required beforehand. This means organizing it all and figuring out the objectives and purpose of the website, how its functionality should be leveraging conversions, and how should the back-end process to respond accordingly.

Sounds like a lot, right? If you come to think of it, there sure are several aspects that need to be taken into account for website development endeavors. It is a tedious, complex and dynamic process. This is why best practices have been extracted from web design Dubai based companies to present you a guide that will act like a roadmap for developing websites. Take a look:

  •         Specific goals

Defining the purpose and what goals will serve that purpose is the first thing that you need to design. What are you building a website for: Is it just to build awareness? Do you plan on selling products/services? Are you interested in building communities? Is it just a brochure site you are looking at?

Asking these questions will help in developing a clarity for the steps to come. In fact, it will set the tone for the rest of the components in this guide.

  •         Results to measure success

Having a finish line and the end-results will help develop a strategic route as you go further. Every time you are to implement something or add in a goal, end-results you are to achieve will aid you in ensuring whether it will be productive.

Above all the goals that are to be created in an effort to achieve the end-results, the most important of them will be one primary goal. There could be so many to begin with, and there could be many additional ones too, but that primary goal will drive them all.

  •         Align resources

The next step is to get to work. Make a list of people and departments that will be involved. You can only accomplish it if everyone is aligned, synchronized and on the same page as you – for the love of shared vision and synchronized teamwork.

Whatever step you will take after this and all the components that have been discussed earlier and are about to hit next needs to be informed to everyone. The project manager, marketing department, web designers, HTML coder, content writers/editors, stakeholders and other related parties on board. Loop them in and start delivering responsibilities as you share away the vision.

  •         Research on target market

No matter how well designed and developed website it is, a top-notch web development company Dubai based always recommends that nothing moves an inch without visitors. If people can’t find your website, or even if they do, but they don’t find it interesting or useful enough, then all the efforts will go in vain.

Conduct a thorough study on your target audience, see what interests them, what they look for when they stumble upon a website, how they react to particular components and much more. A proper marketing and design strategy is based on this research. Get your marketing team and research analysts to work and get this right.

  •         Study your competition

Do you know what your competition is up to? If not, then it’s about time that you find out. Study their websites to find out what they do better, what components serve what purpose, how is the overall functionality of website fixed in place and what is the gist of their content that creates the hook.

Once you have studied them, develop a competitive analysis, include the key findings and see how you can match or supersede them.

  •         Functionality and structuring

What is the functionality that you are looking forward to? Is it an ecommerce website? A forum? Community? Blog? Finding out the answer to this will help you devise the function of the website accordingly.

It will also enable you to structure your website adhering to how it will be utilized. For instance, if it’s a shopping cart, adding a hamburger menu will make it complex. Better add categories right up front in a clear, uncluttered navigation.

  •         Wireframing

Put together set of images, leave space for content, create a skeleton of other components, like navigation and how products will be displayed, and you have a wireframe. It helps you to clearly see a layout in advance of implementing it all with an appropriate design or coding. You can prioritize, rearrange and recreate a hierarchy of content/elements anytime in order of their critical importance.

As you go about wireframing, you are taking control of the end-result as you make your site better to best achieve those results. The key is not to leave it to the designers only. In fact, create one with the marketing team as they have a fair idea based on the analysis that they have completed.

  •         Content is still the king

Spending time and money on hiring the right resource is crucial to the success of your website. In this step, the matter is that of content – producing one that creates the hook and attracts the visitors with utmost precision is a challenge. Only an expert can pull it off. Reputable web design company Dubai based spend good resources in getting quality content writers. They believe in the essence and power of good content and know that content, still, is king.

Consider the matters such as quality and lucid usage of language, right jargons, how your content flows and how keyword optimization can be induced to make your website discoverable.

  •         Marketing

While it may seem last in the list, it sure is one of the most significant of the factors that adds up to the success of your business. After all, having a promotional marketing strategy is how you will get the word out. Your website design and development needs to be aligned with that strategy. This would include enhancing the content, researching keywords and providing it to the content team so that they are focused on ‘content marketing’ rather than just ‘content writing’. Not to forget that how a visitor perceives the overall structure of the website is yet another important detail that your marketing team will have it all figured out.

Generating buzz and getting traffic is what the marketing is all about. This is why from design to content, including them in every aspect of the development phase is crucial to success.

Way forward…

The more time, the more effort and the more departmental synchronization you will devote to the planning phase and information gather, the better will be your chances of creating a website that is effective, profitable and customer-driven. So get on with the planning right now and use all this information each time you are to develop websites. Good luck!