Top 4 Apps That Offers Synchronization Android Lenovo With MAC

HTC smartphones are configured on Android whereas MAC is designed by Apple brand. Not exactly to have any sync with each other however; with increasing demands of file transferring and data importing from Android devices to Mac,  users now searching for a solution to sync these two products.

If you are one of those users finding a solution to sync these two technologies, you have come to the right place. Below mentioned are the best apps available offering facilities of synchronization without any glitches.


The app is one of the best app available to synchronize Android Lenovo with MAC as it comes fully equipped with varied features and user-friendly interface. This app let you organize your media files as well as easy to sync and get back up. However; it only syncs media files and no other format. To have other syncing requirements you will need an app with more possibilities.


SyncMate, an app to sync Lenovo phones with Mac lets you sync your all personal data like contacts and calendars between Mac and Lenovo phone, including folders, playlists, music, bookmarks etc. You can effortlessly support your Lenovo as Mac disk, read, create, send, and delete your text messages from computer, and work on your call history. The app also supports other types of devices and services moreover to Lenovo phones, so that you can easily sync your data in multiple locations.

Droid NAS

Now sharing folders over network will be easy with the Droid NAS intuitive interface. However this app doesn’t support personal data, such as calendars and contacts. Transferring of the files is great; however it is not a real sync of the data in the files, but a regular file transfer.


It is a neat solution for transferring files and sharing them with other people. It’s a cloud based app that offers an option of deleting your synced files just in case if your device gets stolen.

Depending on what you want to sync between your Mac and Lenovo phone there are apps developed offering you great synchronization features help. Although just remember there is a variance between data transfer and synchronization.