Two of the best managed WordPress hosting companies of present times

Back in the summer of 2003 WordPress was first started as a single bit of code with the aim of improving the typography of daily writing with just a hand full of users. However gradually it has become popular year by year and today it has managed to become the premier self-hosted blogging tool in the world. There are hundreds of people who participate in this and people write about anything and everything on this tool. This allows the user to download and install WordPress.  In order to do that the user requires a web host which has the same or better than the minimum requirements. It can be used for anything and it is very easy to personalize to suit your needs. Although it started out as a blogging system now it has become a lot more than that. Presently it has become a full content management system and many other things with the help of plugins, widgets, themes etc. in this article we will discuss two of the most popular and best managed WordPress hosting companies of present times. While there are plenty of them in the market however these are the few which stands out the most among them.

  1. TMD hosting: It is one of the most highly rated word press hosting companies going around in the market. This product’s WordPress hosting plans are based on all SSD-network hardware. These plans are fully managed and come with a wide variety of templates and installation support. TMD Hosting is very reliable and is well known among its customers for providing excellent after sales service. The entire process of installation of the much software compatible with the hosting account is very simple. Moreover, this keeps getting better with each updates. These updates are free and happen automatically. This keeps it up to date with the latest developments and also safe and secure. When you have an account with the TMD hosting, they automatically back up five copies of your WordPress website, blog, or web apps data base and files. This is particularly helpful in emergency situations when you lose your content. This ensures that it’s not all lost for you after all.
  2. Inter Server: One of the prime reasons for this becoming a popular and one of the best WordPress hosting companies is that it provides extremely good value for money. The WordPress hosting plans are provided by this company at a nominal $8 per month making it one of the most pocket friendly WordPress hosting plans in the market. It is particularly popular among the developers because it provides LAMP environment with advanced support. In this pack of $8 the customer gets unlimited storage space and data transfer. This is very helpful for the user because there will be no shortage of space for the content. In addition to that it also creates weekly backups of the content. So that the chances of the user losing the content is next to impossible. Other services provided include unlimited FTP accounts, quick install scripts, SSD caching servers and more.