Useful Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic is a major concern for most websites. If you are not actively trying to increase traffic to your sites, the existing traffic numbers will flounder and you will lose valuable market share. Here are several simple yet effective tips for attracting high volumes of traffic:

Research Keywords before Using Them

Keywords are a primary component of search engine optimisation. When your web content and ads are optimized with keywords, do you know if you are using the right keywords? The right keywords are the phrases and search terms that your target audience is most likely to use and be interested in. So, the top trending keywords may not always align with what your customers want. Therefore, avoid the trap of popular keywords and find the keywords your customers want to see.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages

Does your ad campaign mainly link to your website’s homepage? Then it’s time you created dedicated landing pages for products, services, discounts, free trails and sign up activities. Dedicated landing pages are highly effective in focusing on a sole action that you want a consumer to make. Dedicated landing pages, in general, have higher conversion rates than homepages. If you want a customer to buy a product, for example, it’s better to make a dedicated landing page for that product than redirect ad clickers to a generic page. After all, ad viewers are interested in the product shown in the ad. If you do this, your conversion rate and online sales will skyrocket.

Make Google Ad Links Relevant to the Content

Following up on the above point, it’s very important to make Google ad content relevant to the page the ad is linked to. Consider, for example, that you post a Google ad for a free trial of a software product. The link contained in the ad should redirect consumers to a dedicated landing page made just for the free trial. If the addirects customers to the homepage of your website, then you will lose chunks of that traffic. They didn’t click on the ad to see your homepage; they wanted the free trial, so that’s what you should offer them.

Blog or Write Guest Posts

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a site apart from advertising is to blog about it. This works best for writers, freelancer programmers and similar professions. You can blog just about anything. Clever blogging can actually be used as a strategy in your marketing team to promote sales. So, find other highly reputable and popular blogs and make your case there. However, don’t come out as too desperate for the attention. The goal is to create brand awareness and in turn traffic.

Increase the Speed of Your Website

Site speed is directly related to sales and traffic. The faster a site is, the more the visitors will want to stay and browse. Site speed is crucial for mobile versions of websites or apps. Google, for example, removes sites with very low speeds from the result queries. So begin today to unburden your site from archaic components.

Finally, use an email marketing strategy to consistently drive traffic to your site. Emails are an excellent way to stay in touch with returning customers. They are also a solid platform for promoting new content and products, announce discounts and do other interesting activities that will keep you close to the customers.