What Are The Best Advantages Of Laser Printing Toners That You Must Know

Toner cartridges for laser printers are considered to be the best options for professional printing at offices and printing shops. There are many benefits of using them and the guide below will take you through the benefits of laser printer toners available at 123ink.ca.

Are Laser Printer Toners Worth The Hype?

With the excellent quality and performance delivered by inkjets, it is obvious to wonder if it’s even worthy to upgrade to laser printers and toners. Well, if you own a printing press and have the budget for initial investment, then the answer is, yes. The quality of laser toners is unbeatable; hence, worthy as a professional investment. The 5 best benefits of using them are given below.

  1. Unbeatable Clarity

Did you know that the text and graphics display provided by laser toner on paper is nothing less than HD quality? There are no shadow corners and the words do not smudge while and even post printing at all.

  1. High Durability

The laser toner is actually a high-quality powder that becomes waterproof the moment it is printed as text or image on paper. Hence, it can last for decades without getting affected by moisture. Also, the powder in the cartridge neither clots not moistens for 2 years.

  1. High Printing Rate And Low Printing Cost

The powder has a low ignition rate; hence, it heats up quickly after coming in contact with an electric impulse. Thus, the speed of printing almost doubles up – about 36 pages/minute. It saves a lot of time. Besides, when compared to the cost of the entire drum unit, the printing cost of standard yield comes down to about 0.3 cents per page on an average. And for the record, one drum unit of laser toner is capable of printing about 12 thousand pages.

  1. High Reliability

The text and images by laser toners will always be bright and you can always count on the printing speed of laser printers. Besides, laser toners at 123.ca are compatible with all the versions of laser printers from the same brand.

  1. The Documents Are Dry To Touch

Since the text and images by laser toners get dry while printing itself, the documents come out absolutely clear. You need not to dry them separately so that the ink can settle down to avoid smudging.