What is C# Used For When it Comes to Programming?

Are you wondering what is C# used for when it comes to programming? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the important things to know.

If you’re learning how to be a programmer, you have a vast array of languages to learn. You can learn Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Swift, to name a few.

You can learn so many different languages, it’s hard to know which one you should start with.

One of the old-school languages that can easily get overlooked is C#. What is c# used for and why should you join the 6.7 million programmers who already know it?

Keep reading to find out.

What is C#?

What exactly is C# and how does it differ from all the other applications out there? It’s a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 2000 out of a competitive rivalry.

One of the biggest programming languages available at that time was Java, which was developed by Sun Microsystems (and later bought by Oracle).

Java was used as an enterprise application. Microsoft powered most enterprise computers, so it wanted Java and Microsoft applications to work better together.

Sun Microsystems preferred to keep the work behind Java in-house and not allow Microsoft to change anything. In response, Microsoft created its own language, called C#.

This program is designed to help people build apps on the Microsoft platform (Windows, Exchange, etc.) using the .NET framework.

What is C# Used For?

C# definitely has an interesting history, but is it useful? You’ll be surprised to learn how C# appears in your daily life.


Do you have dreams of creating the biggest and baddest video games out there? You will need to learn C# to make your dreams a reality.

This is the programming language that powers the Unity game engine, which is the engine that runs most of the games that you’re familiar with.

Website Development

You might think that you need to learn PHP and JavaScript to build a website. Those are helpful to know, but you can still develop a clean website in C#.

You can build your site on the .NET framework, or make it open-source.

Windows Apps

Since C# was developed at Microsoft, it would make sense that it would work with Microsoft applications.

You can develop your own applications from scratch, or use C# to get more out of existing apps like Excel. This site walks you through the details as to how you can do that.

C# for Beginners

You have your choice of programming languages to learn. Should you start off with C# because you can do so much with it?

The great thing about C# is that it is a good language for beginners to learn. There’s a short learning curve.

That being said, you should have some basic understanding of programming code and how it works. That will help you learn C# much more quickly.

Get Started with C#

Do you want a programming career with a lot of job security? You should consider learning C#. It’s a good language for beginners to learn, as long as you have some experience with code.

Knowing C# can open a lot of doors for you. What is C# used for? It’s used for web applications, gaming, Windows applications, and so much more.

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