Why choose Moodle as a training platform?

Moodle, Chamilo, Nixty, WizIQ, Udemy, Claroline, Dokeos, Schoology, LRN, Sakai, Almagest, Blackboard, Edu2.0, Education, FirstClass, Paths, Edmodo … the list could go on. When we refer to training platforms, there is so much variety that choosing one represents a challenge. Even I, knowing the subject, can take weeks making a comparison. And it is that this is an exhausting task but, undoubtedly, it is necessary if we want to present the best e-learning courses. But since you came to this article today, I want to make your work easier, so I’ll tell you the reasons why you should choose BigCommerce templates, as the platform to do your e-Learning classes. So let’s start:

Moodle Has a Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices has meant a change in the design of web pages. What formerly should only be seen on a computer, now requires adaptability to different navigation devices to preserve usability. And with the increase of smartphones or tablets in the market, it also meant a change in the presentation we give to the content on our sites.

The responsive design refers to the adaptability of the site to any type of screen. Moodle has themes or templates that have this feature. So when using them, when you enter the platform, the width of the page adapts to the width of the screen, restructures the dimensions of the contents to the device from which it is accessed and changes certain elements to make them lighter and more usable. This allows any course made in Moodle using these themes or templates to be useful, fast, simple and to keep your web address from any computer

Moodle is Flexible

Moodle is an ideal platform for a large number of courses or educational dynamics. We can implement it to make online courses, blended learning, create complementary courses to face-to-face activities, repositories of materials or resource centre, a collaborative space, even tutorial classrooms.

This is due to the large number of work tools that the platform offers us: it makes it possible to upload educational material such as presentations, videos, notes, images; facilitates the accomplishment of activities or tasks; allows communication between teachers and students; and has options for managing student assessment. So if you use Moodle it gives you the possibility to adapt your courses according to your needs.

Moodle Allows You to Customize the Design

No doubt, there are discussions regarding the banality or not of beauty, but what is true is that it is nice to see what looks good.  Not only does it matter that things work, but it is also fundamental that they are pleasing to the eye. Moodle allows you to apply themes (templates or themes) to change the aspect of your course to generate your own graphic identity that suits you and your students. Moodle templates can be applied easily just like BigCommerce templates.

Now you have it, Moodle is an irreplaceable choice when it comes to e-learning.