Why is it Important to Optimize WordPress to Load Fast?

Surely it has happened to all of us: you are looking for something in Google, there is a result that seems to match perfectly with what we are looking for, you click on it, and your heart speeds up due to expectations, and then the page does not load well.

I’m sure you can identify with this story.

What Users Want from Your Website

According to the statistics, it is up to 2 or 3 seconds of loading speed what users give for good. From there we started to get nervous, and the expectations (and credibility) on that website go down.

At 7 or 8 seconds some have already started to leave. They say that people decide in 7 seconds if a web page interests us or not. If those 7 seconds or 6 is spent watching the web load, then imagine.

And nowadays, with the intranet wp themes, the internet can work better, I don’t think there is anyone who expects more than 10 seconds of loading time to see a website.

In this case, this doesn’t seem enough, there is still more, and this also affects SEO directly and indirectly.

As you can recall, SEO could be defined as the set of free techniques that are used for your website or blog to be positioned in the first search results of (above all) Google.

And this directly affects the SEO because Google measures the loading time of your blog, since the user experience is significant for them, and prefer to show blogs or web pages that load fast to the detriment of those presenting worse operation

Think that if Google offers good results to its users, they will continue to use the tool every time they need something. So they do not do it as much for the user as for themselves, but the fact is that you see that this affects you directly.

And it also affects you indirectly because the time spent by users on your website is also a valuable data for Google.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Blog Post

If your blog loads fast, users will be encouraged to browse it and stay longer while watching your content. However, if browsing is torture, people will leave, and you will lose readers and importance in the eyes of Google.

Also, this also affects your credibility. If I am looking for a service online, who will I prefer to hire: who has a website that works well and that shows professionalism, or who has a site that goes to pedals and needs to be optimized?

And of course, this will also be reflected in your conversions.

If the user who comes to your website stays and navigates through it, it is possible that they will see what you are selling. And if you feel comfortable, the art wp themes is more likely to end up buying that if you are on a website with faults, as you might think that you will have problems with the purchase or contracting process and prefer not to risk.