Why You Need Local IT Support in Edinburgh

If you have any type of technology in your business – let’s face it, most, if not all, companies do – you’ll need an excellent IT support team to manage it. Problems with technology are far and wide, and no type of IT system is exempt from running into issues. Even brand-new technology has its hiccups, so it’s imperative you find local IT support in Edinburgh, ready to meet all your needs.

Below are a few things you should keep in mind when hiring an IT team to support your infrastructure, and most importantly the consequences if you don’t have one in place. If you don’t currently have IT support there for you when you need them the most, get in touch!


No business is immune from breach of security. Whether this comes from virus threats, hackers trying to steal information, or a complete loss of data, you need to ensure your systems – and your data – are secure.

Having an extended team to hand who can deliver the security you need for your IT equipment can save you loss of data and finances. Your customers are also satisfied knowing their data is always protected, as your data and your customers’ data will remain secure, while loss of information is minimised with efficient backup processes. This also means there’s no downtime of equipment, so your employees can continue to work without interruption.


Implementing and maintaining IT support takes time, and that’s a commodity many of us just simply don’t have. Vector Cloud offers affordable, efficient services, taking the major and minor tasks away from you, which frees you up to focus on more important projects.

Many new companies assume IT takes no time at all to set up and maintain, but technology throws a range of curve balls and that’s another hassle your company doesn’t need. Hire a dedicated IT support team and let them take the pressure away from you.


Investment in a good IT infrastructure can be a real challenge, particularly for small companies who may not have anyone in place to implement such processes. That’s why a professional IT support company can help, and it’s worth the investment to ensure risks and data theft or loss are minimised – or even eradicated completely.

There’s always the what if… question – are you ready to tackle issues if your technology systems fail you?


It makes a difference when your IT support team are based locally to you. At Vector Cloud, we’re strategically placed in Edinburgh, so Scotland’s major cities are accessible to us, including Glasgow and Lanarkshire. So, if you need someone to come to your place of work to handle an IT issue within the hour, we can get there.

Don’t leave your IT system to chance – take control of your potential threats and issues today, and you can be confident that you will receive effective IT support now and into the future, with Vector Cloud.