Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker Review

This page will take a look at the Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor.  We will give you a full review of the benefits and features, so you will be able to compare with our other picks and make the right choice for your personal needs and budget.

Let’s take a look at the features first.

Measures taken

  • Elevation climbed actively
  • Distance travelled
  • Calories Burnt
  • Last Run: length and space
  • Immediate heart rate
  • Sleep Length and excellent


  • Large OLED display
  • 128 Pixels x 32 pixels resolution
  • Twist Monitor for background surfing


  • High Precision MEMS 3-axis accelerometer
  • Low power consumption
  • Optoelectronics
  • Last 14 Measures could be declared on Withings Pulse


  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technologies
  • two weeks Normal usage between costs
  • Power Rescue: receive an excess 24h of monitoring, even your merchandise is from juice
  • Charging Via a typical Micro-USB into USB power cable onto a pc or onto a Smartphone electricity source unit
  • Constructed Lithium-ion battery

Minimum Setup

  • iPhone (3GS or greater ), iPad (all variations ), iPad mini, iPod signature (3rd generation or greater ), together using iOS 5 and higher and Internet connectivity (mobile Wi-Fi or data )
  • Android 2.3.3 or Greater tablet or smartphone computer with Bluetooth compatibility and Web Connectivity (mobile Wi-Fi or data )

The Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor is a Mighty perfect-pocket-sized personal fitness tracking device created to assist you with your activity, health and fitness objectives.  Unlike any other of the best fitness trackers the Withings Pulse has an instant heart rate measurement and tracking of run stride in addition to steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality.

With the Instant heart rate measurement you can check your pulse anywhere anytime by pressing your finger to the back of the device.  This really allows you to track your resting heart rate a key indicator of your fitness level.

This device, like Fitbit One Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker, wirelessly syncs your data with their included App.  With the Withings Health Mate App you can download all your data in real time.  In addition to The Health Mate App the data can be shared with over 100 other health and fitness partner apps so you will be compatible with the right program to fit your needs. Click here to find out more


Great device, great app, great customer service.  One thing to consider with the Withings Pulse Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor is that it does not sync with PC’s.  You can Access the Withings Health Mate App from your PC, you will just need to download data via your smartphone or tablet.  If  that is not a concern for you, we highly recommend this device. But if you want a more advanced product then I suggest you refer to the article Top 6 Best Fitbit For Men Reviews and Buyer’s Guide on TechWhiff

Customer Reviews:

By Arizona Smith

I have been using the Withings pulse now for around 3 weeks. Since the first day that I had charged it and put in on my belt, I noticed how little I walked around on a daily basis. The pulse has sort of been my workout buddy that keeps on pushing me to go out and do things. I usually now take an hour at lunch and briskly walk. The other day I reached a daily step count of over 20,000 steps! My goal now is always to be over 70k steps for the week!

As for sleeping this device is giving the a look into my sleep patterns and that I need to sleep more, the graph really helps me see how much sleep and quality of sleep I am receiving. Way to go Withings

By PJ Wetzel

Been using the Body Media tracker for years (the Body Bugg) before that…and they were great products, but Withings has taken the technology to a new and welcome level. The ease of use is awesome, it connects with your smartphone and the apps that take your raw data and summarize it beautifully

By E Cabrera

This is a great little product. I had issues with the sleep function and got EXCELLENT response from the Witherings Account Service. I MUCH prefer the sleep metrics provided by this sleep function over the one provided by another product I have used. I am quite pleased with the functionality of the Pulse. This is a great little product backed up by a very responsive account service