WP Reset Review – The Best WordPress Reset Plugin in the World

If you are a WordPress developer and you are creating WordPress Sites for your client or for yourself. Suddenly something went wrong and you are thinking about to reset your Plugin.

You know there are 2 common solutions to reset your WordPress site. The first one is uninstalling/reinstalling WordPress and the second one is deleting the database through the hosting. You think this is time-consuming.

Don’t feel frustrated, we have a solution for you. Try WP Reset and save your precious time. You won’t need to uninstall and reinstall to start over with a new fresh installation for it to solve the problem. All you need to do is just click the Reset button and wait for a few seconds. WP Reset will turn your blog into a fresh one.

Before proceeding with WP Reset, you should understand what it will delete and what it will not. Let’s jump into it.

WP Reset will Delete

WP Reset resets the site’s database to the default installation. If you are using WP Reset, it will delete,

  • All posts, pages, custom post types, comments, and media entries, from the Website
  • It will delete all users except current user
  • It will delete all WP Database tables

If you are using WP Reset, it will not delete

  • You Media files as they remain in the wp-uploads folder
  • It will not delete your themes and plugins by default. You have the option to delete all themes and plugins separately.
  • It will not change site title, site address, site language and your search engine visibility settings

There is no Undo

You should take a complete backup before proceeding with the WP Reset Plugin. The Plugin will not take any backups and also there is no Undo in this action.

The Plugin is absolutely free to use and comes with awesome features like one-click reset, post-reset setup, and more. It will take only a few seconds to reset any type of website.

When you need any help regarding the plugin, you’ll get it from the people who built the plugin. To get the latest information about WordPress more and more, stay in touch with our blog or visit WP Newsify, an excellent WordPress news portal.